Chuck Norris threw a career because of a severe illness of his wife

Чак Норрис бросил карьеру из-за тяжелой болезни жены The Hollywood star and his wife Jenna are suing pharmaceutical companies. According to the pair, one of the medications prescribed beloved celebrity, caused her serious health problems. Chuck Norris requires compensation in the amount of $ 10 million.
Чак Норрис бросил карьеру из-за тяжелой болезни жены

The last few years, 77-year-old Chuck Norris is not starring in movie. In 2002 came the film “the Expendables 2” featuring star fighters. Since then, the artist seemed to have disappeared from the screens and have limited their public appearances. Over a long period of time, fans could only speculate about the reasons that prompted Norris to go into the shadows. As it turned out, Chuck was a good reason. The actor takes care of his wife Jenna, Norris experiencing serious health problems.

Чак Норрис бросил карьеру из-за тяжелой болезни жены“I left a career to fully focus on Jenna. Now my whole life is dedicated to ensuring that she lived as long as possible. I believe that this sacrifice is justified,” said the man.
Чак Норрис бросил карьеру из-за тяжелой болезни жены

As found by foreign journalists, four years ago, deb Norris, who suffered from arthritis, was forced to undergo multiple studies in a row. The doctors prescribed Jenna three MRI. In order for the changes were more visible, the woman was administered a contrast agent containing the heavy metal gadolinium. According to the couple Norris, this provoked serious consequences, from which the Gene is treated so far. Fiancee celebrity complained of muscle weakness, felt the trembling of the body and pain in the joints. In addition, she had difficulty breathing.

“A few hours after the first study, I felt the intolerable heat, as if my body poured acid. First burning was in one place, then it began to spread. (…) Before the illness I was very active and emotional person. I would even say that my health and physical fitness would ensure me a place in the top ten most healthy people in the world,” said Jenna.
Чак Норрис бросил карьеру из-за тяжелой болезни жены

The doctors just shrugged. Desperate to get help from the experts, Jenna decided to go to the Internet. The woman found on the net information on cases of poisoning with gadolinium. Norris asked the doctors to tell her more about the prescription, but the spouse of the actor assured that it does not contain hazardous substances.

Chet Norris turned to some other clinics, where they said the same thing. Jenna fears confirmed only in one of medical institutions of Nevada. By the time the woman lost seven pounds and could barely swallow. The actor had to buy baby food for the couple.

“For five months I put a dropper with a substance that removes heavy metals from the body. I needed round the clock care of nurses. All this time Chuck slept next to me on the small sofa and never left the hospital. I really wanted to live and prayed to grow up their children,” said Jenna.

Now Chet Norris continues to eliminate severe side effects of the use of contrast agents. According to media reports, the treatment had to spend about two million dollars. The couple are going to seek justice. Chuck Norris sued the eleven pharmaceutical companies that distribute the drug worsened the health of his wife. Artist requires impressive compensation nekolko million dollars.