Chrysler Corporation has accused Anton Elchine in his death

Корпорация Chrysler обвинила Антона Ельчина в его гибели

The tragic and absurd death of this young and talented actor Anton Elchina led to the fact that the Chrysler Corporation has recalled car models due to incorrect operation of the transaxle. However, now the parents of Anton becomes less likely blame the automakers for the indirect murder of his son – in corporations claim that Anton himself has “made some changes to the car,” and it led to his death.

Recall that Yelchin was literally crushed by his own Jeep Grand Cherokee. Friends of Anton is worried when he failed to appear at work. Went to his place, they saw a terrible picture: they each “nailed” to post your own car. Later examination established, the actor parked the car on a slope in neutral gear. Jeep Grand Cherokee went off, when the artist had closed the gate and crushed him, the guy died on the spot due to severe injuries.
Anton’s parents have filed a lawsuit against the Corporation, alleging her son’s death, but the concern does not see the fault, they believe that the victim “misused or damaged existing technical system” of the car, which throughout its multi-ton carcass crushed the guy.