Christmas video about the dog and wild animals on the trampoline won network

Рождественское видео про пса и лесных зверей на батуте покорило сеть

British Department store John Lewis has opened the new season winter ad campaigns.

The main characters advertising the girl Bridget, the boxer dog named Buster and the inhabitants of the forest – badger, hedgehog, Fox and squirrel. The creation of the video was spent around 7 million pounds. But we should admit that the result exceeded all expectations. In two days the video was viewed more than 6 million people. And this is not surprising. The plot of the movie was navratana cute and funny…

Family, in which the lives of dog Baxter, preparing for Christmas. Parents put daughter Bridget to sleep, and themselves put the gift, which she had long dreamed of – a trampoline. But at night in the yard of the house snuck forest animals and started happily jumping on the trampoline, and Baxter had nothing to do, how sad to watch them out the window. But in the morning, when they opened the door to show the girl a surprise, the first dog ran into the street to… jump on the trampoline! His joy of course there was no limit.

By the way, the movie is John Lewis, according to tradition was dedicated to the charity event. At this time the Department took custody of the Wildlife Trust Fund, which is dedicated to preserving wildlife.

“Each year we invite charitable Foundation, the mission of which coincides with the theme of the next ad campaign, and now with the Wildlife Trust, we hope to cultivate children’s interest in studying the fauna of great Britain”, – said the Director of Department on work with consumers of John Lewis Craig Inglis.

He also noted that the Wildlife Trust will be transferred to 10% from the sales of plush toys that will soon be sold in a Department store.