Christmas traditions from the band “ladybug”

Новогодние традиции музыкантов из группы «Божья коровка»
The founder and leader of the musical group “the Ladybird” Vladimir Volenko on the eve of the Christmas holidays, shared a Christmas tradition that is already not the first year exists in their family.

Новогодние традиции музыкантов из группы «Божья коровка»

As told Vladimir Volenko, we have a big family, a total of four children, three of whom live with us. Member of the group, and Vladimir’s wife Natasha Shokoladkina support the spouse and also takes part in all family holidays. A couple of months before the new year, children begin to bring home the performances, making costumes, learning roles, and numerous rehearsals. The older children become, the more interesting the setting and scenarios that they compose themselves.

Новогодние традиции музыкантов из группы «Божья коровка»

For parents it is always an unexpected surprise. Sometimes the performances are serious, but more often original interpretation of the old favorite fairy tales with a modern twist. “It happens from the very first scenes, it’s hard to understand what the play was prepared for the children, after all all becomes clear only in the final, which is usually extremely unexpected. And that’s the uniqueness! We have long lost touch with the traditional new year in the form of gatherings at the table with champagne and Olivier under the chimes from the TV. It is clear that this good old tradition of the vast majority of our countrymen, but we, the family Council decided that it was time to come up with their own original traditions, which can later be used to transmit and grandchildren” – said Vladimir Volenko.

Parents, too, are not far behind and with his hand brought the tradition to produce a vivid slideshow of photos of the kids accumulated over the year, sometimes attaching them to a few pictures from his childhood. And let these pictures black and white and a very battered, but they make such work even more colorful and exciting.

“We wish all to the new year to bring a little more positive, after a year of the yellow dog, which means a year of love and fidelity!”, wished Vladimir Volenko and Natasha Shokoladkina.

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