Christina Asmus decided to radically change lives

Кристина Асмус решила кардинально изменить жизнь
The actress once again became a student.

Kristina Asmus

Photo: @asmuskristina Instagram Christina Asmus

In the life of Kristina Asmus big changes are coming. Soon the actress in real life have to try yourself in new role. As it became known, for more than a month ago, Christine became again a student: she went on to study directing courses.

That Asmus is going to learn the basics of the profession of Director the actress herself told fans in his microblog. To settle on the other side of the camera Christine will help the Director — Alexei Popogrebsky, behind which the award of the Moscow film Festival and Kinotavr, and “Golden eagle” for the film “How I ended this summer”. Fans are eagerly awaiting the first directorial work of Christina

By the way, Asmus manages to combine his training not only with the education of her daughter — year-old Anastasia, but with work in the theater. In addition, the artist manages to devote time to the charity. Not so long ago in the theater. Yermolova involving Christine passed performance “Stihotvorenie” Fund “Galchonok” Yulia Peresild. Staged for children also participated Dmitry Khrustalev and Marina Alexandrova, appeared before the audience in the image of the grandmother.