Christina Asmus decided not to return to Russia

Кристина Асмус передумала возвращаться в Россию
The actress extended his vacation.

Kristina Asmus

Photo: @asmuskristina Instagram Christina Asmus

Kristina Asmus with her husband Garik Kharlamov spent a fantastic holiday on the French Riviera. Actress family flew in there a little over a week ago. Back from vacation celebrity couple had the day before. But the couple decided not to return to Russia and extend their vacation for another week.

Christine said that the idea of staying in France for some time belonged to her. The fact that the next work year, Asmus is going to be very rich, so the artist intensively accumulates in strength. “Went and changed the tickets. Back not today, but on 6 August! Moved from Monaco to nice, then back to Paris and to Moscow,” explained Asmus.

By the way, at the beginning of your holiday Christine declassified his daughter Anastasia. The actress and the showman gave her a magnificent gift — a trip to Disneyland. Asmus does not like “to put” in my personal life, but could not resist and during the holidays vengeance boasted idyllic, prevailed on family vacations.