Christina Amous was injured during the play

Кристина Амус пострадала во время спектакля
The actress showed high professionalism.

Кристина Амус пострадала во время спектакля

Kristina Asmus

Photo: @asmuskristina Instagram Christina Asmus

The actress of theatre and cinema
Kristina Asmus reminded the audience that an actor’s job difficult and sometimes dangerous. During his last speech
the wife of Garik Kharlamov was seriously injured. The actress shared this incident with
fans who were left shocked by the deep cuts and bruises on his hands

“And so every time…” —
signed picture Christine. It turned out that such scratches, the actress gets after
of each performance. The fact that the costume of her partner contain details that after
scenes of the suffering of the distraught Ophelia performed by Asmus, leave her body
serious injuries. Fans expressed sympathy and admired the dedication and
professionalism of Christina.

Kristina Asmus

Photo: @asmuskristina Instagram Christina Asmus

Incidentally, after a hard day actress, in spite of everything, always in a hurry to get back home to his two — year-old daughter Nastia. By the way, recently Asmus with her husband showed rare pictures of adolescent girls. Fans touched by the long-haired beauty-the daughter of star parents, which they saw growing by leaps and bounds.

Recall that in the actor’s environment, there are persistent rumors about a possible soon addition to the family Christina and Garik. According to friends of the couple, showman diligently persuades Asmus to decide on the birth of her second child.

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