Christina Aguilera’s son refused to help with the wedding

Кристина Орбакайте отказала сыну в помощи со свадьбой
The singer has revealed details of the upcoming celebration.

Christina Aguilera

Photo: @orbakaite_k (Instagram Christina Aguilera)

Just a couple of months, the family of Christina Aguilera will be walking at the wedding of Nikita Presnyakov, her eldest son. The singer honestly admitted the other day that to help with the organization of the celebration refused. According to Christina, she has absolutely no such experience.

“I’m not an expert in weddings – any children not yet married, – said the singer. – I’m an expert on performance at weddings. I can promise that it will perform and Nikita. The celebration is scheduled for the end of July!”

While Aguilera says that, essentially, it will help the bride and groom are not so necessary: Nikita and 20-year-old Alena perfectly capable of planning an important event. They decided that their wedding will be a mix of rock and femininity. It fully reflects the relationship of the couple. Christina is not worried about how the party goes. She trusts the taste of the son, and I’m sure the guys can handle it without her help.

“They are independent adults with their tastes. And want to be creative!” — quoted by Kristina

Recall that recently Presnyakov and Krasnov shared staff amazing pre-wedding photo shoot. Shooting is fully consistent with the theme of the upcoming celebration.