Christina Aguilera was struck by the impressive stretch

Кристина Орбакайте поразила впечатляющей растяжкой The singer showed her workout. In the picture, which appeared in social networks, Christina Aguilera has demonstrated as performing a challenging exercise. Fans of celebrity was in huge delight from her beautiful physical form.
Кристина Орбакайте поразила впечатляющей растяжкой

Singer Christina Aguilera never ceases to work on myself. Star regularly engaged in the gym to stay in great shape. Fans noted that the singer looks amazing.

The last day was no exception. The celebrity shared a photo where she shows her stretching on a special simulator.

“I love the diversity. Even in sports,” shared the actress in the microblog.

Fans of Christina Aguilera wrote her many compliments. They were delighted with the achievements of celebrities. Many fans of the singer also supports her in her desire to constantly exercise and learn new exercises. “Wow, super”, “you are our Beauty”, “Figure class”, “What is your willpower and as a reward, beauty and harmony”, “Delight”, “Wow”, “Wow”, “this is feet”, “no Words”, “hard Worker”, “Very flexible”, “makes you look excellent”, “Good all around”, “Elegant woman,” discussed social media users.

In interviews, the singer has repeatedly admitted that simply can not imagine my life without sport. The star has always closely followed the figure, and so it was not difficult to quickly get back in shape after childbirth. Even on vacation Christina Aguilera does not neglect physical exercise and continues to train. So, a couple of years ago, the singer became interested in the dynamic box and took one of the trendiest gyms in Miami.

During the conversation with “StarHit” Christina noted that not coached Boxing techniques as such. “Work out the bumps on the pear – it improves coordination, provides a good cardio, warms up the muscles. What is the hook or jab, of course I know that,” admitted the star.

Husband of Christina Orbakajte Zemtsov Mikhail is trying to maintain a soul mate. When he saw that the wife was interested in Boxing, too, decided to try to master this sport. Orbakaite and Mikhail Zemtsov were in the same room and attend group training. “The more the merrier. And I also now feel kind of a double stone wall,” – said the artist.

We also add that the famous singer takes the time Pilates and fitness while also working on quatremare placed on the country. In addition, Christina Aguilera tries to eat right: it is excluded from their diet of fatty and salty.