Christina Aguilera was not allowed into the Kremlin…no middle name

Кристину Агилеру не пускали в Кремль…без отчества

Yesterday, December 7, in the Kremlin have handed over the First Russian national music award established by the Foundation “Academy of Russian music” in order to “formation in the Russian Federation, the universally recognized instrument for assessing the work of musicians, artists, authors, music.

The headliner of the evening was visiting American star Christina Aguilera.

The performance of the singer was at the highest level, but as it turned out, it might not be too vigilant and meticulous work of the security service.
The fact that the foreign performer is not allowed to pass through the Borovitsky gate due to the lack of…middle name.

According to Oleshko, the guard told the star that are listed Christina Aguilera. When the passenger tried to explain that she is the headliner of the ceremony, she asked: “Clearly, Aguilera, patronymic where?”.

On conflict resolution took about 40 minutes. in the end, the star still came to the Kremlin and pleased the audience in the hall of audience.