Christina Aguilera teaches daughter to secular life

Кристина Орбакайте приучает дочку к светской жизни
The singer released her Claudia.

Christina Aguilera with her daughter Claudia


Christina Aguilera vengeance teach his daughter Claudia to secular life. Recently, the singer came up with the grown heir to the premiere of the musical “Cinderella.” 4-year-old Claudia won the hearts of those attending the event spectators.

Daughter Orbakaite, despite his young age, he behaved in front of the assembled reporters and photographers are very confident, to match his famous mother. She coyly smiled and willingly posed next to Christina.

Incidentally, not long ago, Claudia was the star of the microblog pop artist. In his Instagram, Aguilera has published a video in which her successor sang one of mom’s latest hits. The movie has collected more than 200 thousand views.

Recall that their summer vacation, Aguilera together with his family spent in France. Claudia also went to a trip to her sons Denis Baysarov, Nikita Presnyakov. Heirs of Christina all grown (the youngest this year graduated with honors from the school, and the oldest was 25 years old), but I always enjoy playing with my little sister.