Christina Aguilera staged debauchery in the bathroom

Кристина Агилера устроила разврат в ванной The singer wowed the audience naked images. In the microblog popular singer has pictures in which she shows the curves of the figure. Users enthusiastically responded to this post Christine.

Christina Aguilera is often shared with fans details his personal life. The singer puts in his pictures from performances or shows to fans of vivid images. Last post artist excited subscribers. The star of the pop scene posted three black-and-white photos taken in the bathroom. Fans admire her forms. “Space”, “Beautiful”, “Like a goddess”, “Hot”, “She wants to show how thin,” wrote in the comments netizens.

Loyal followers Kristina believe that the posted provocative pictures hinting at a new album. Recall that Aguilera returned to the stage at the end of last year. Now the star is preparing to release it.

Many fans noticed that the star managed to achieve a slim figure, because some time ago she hid the fat under bulky clothes. The most difficult period for the artist became the years 2010 and 2011. Then Christina was going through severe depression. But then she started to take herself in new weight, therefore, emphasized the roundness of sexy outfits.

“I was always too skinny, and now enjoy what I have outstanding body parts, such as thighs and Breasts. I love to show my cleavage. If you like to be like this, then you should just glow with confidence,” said Aguilera.

Having met Matthew Rutler, Christina decided to lose weight. Aguilera sat on a diet and began to restrict the number of calories. She managed to get rid of 37 pounds.

“I feel sexy and seductive,” said Christina Aguilera in his microblog after results.

However, the singer has always given more time with the family than going to the gym. Only willpower, special procedures and restrictions have helped it to achieve the desired shapes.

“My body is extremely important to me. This is one aspect that gives me confidence, so being overweight is something I’ll never live,” said Christine.