Christina Aguilera podtraivaet in the third pregnancy

Кристину Агилеру подзревают в третьей беременности

Christina Aguilera not long ago emerged from her maternity leave, and the Western media already send it back to nappies and diapers. The appearance of the American singer at the Drake concert in Los Angeles raised the suspicion that Christina is carrying a third child. For the release of the actress chose a loose t-shirt, under which the public saw the rounded stomach. Representatives of the Aguilera remain silent and not answer questions from journalists.

As a confirmation of the rumors that recently appeared in the media information from the insiders about what Christine has already found a replacement in the musical show “the Voice” and that the artist decided to make a career break by taking some time to kids and family. It may well be that these plans include and newborn care. Christina always said that dreams of a big family and at least one baby from her lover Matt Rutler. Together with the civil husband she is raising the baby summer Rhine, as well as older dream, born in the first marriage.
It is no secret that obese singer has already sparked rumors of her pregnancy, and this time can also be just a result of malnutrition. In short, we are waiting for official confirmation.