Christina Aguilera indulges his 25-year-old son

Кристина Орбакайте балует своего 25-летнего сына
The singer told about an expensive gift for Nikita.

Кристина Орбакайте балует своего 25-летнего сына

Christina Aguilera

Photo: @orbakaite_k Instagram Christina Aguilera

Recently Nikita — son
Christina Orbakaite and Vladimir Presnyakov, celebrated its 25th anniversary. Singer
shared details of how a young person plans to celebrate the holiday.
It turned out that the son of Aguilera is in no hurry to celebrate a significant date in
family circle.

“Nikita will be noted
birthday in the circle of his friends, in the rock-youth get-together. Then we
sometime will celebrate together, I think, working our birthdays!” —
said Kristina.

Despite the fact that the celebration
family postponed indefinitely, his gift from mom Nikita already
received. Expensive gift was personally brought a singer from America. Aguilera
gave the son a skateboard. But not simple, and the new generation! Fantastic “toy”
Nikita can easily lift into the air of an adult. Christina
was pleased with the son’s response to the congratulations and glad to have been able to please

“For him it’s something
fantastic, he said that the best gift was impossible to imagine!” —
commented Aguilera.

By the way, recently
the youngest son of Christina Denis Baysarov celebrated its 18th anniversary. A few days
will host another celebration in the family of the singer. May 25, Aguilera turns 45

Nikita Presnyakov

Photo: @npresnyakov Instagram Nikita Presnyakov

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