Christina Aguilera has gathered a stellar friends at the birthday party of the daughter

Кристина Орбакайте собрала звездных друзей на дне рождения дочери The actress threw a party in honor of the fifth anniversary of Claudia. The festival brought together friends and relatives of the family. The girl’s grandmother Alla Pugacheva organized for kids a real master class. Adults and children had fun on the celebration of the birthday girl.

      On the eve of Christina Aguilera gave her daughter Claudia incredible celebration in honor of the fifth. She gathered loved ones on the occasion of heir. Among the star guests was singer Jasmine with her daughter Margaret, the wife of Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova, of course, mother, artist, Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin children Harry and Lisa. Aguilera has organized a birthday Claudia in the Metropolitan restaurant “the Balcony”.

      The holiday was perfect – the ceremony was fun not only children but also adults. The guests were happy and grateful to Christina Aguilera for this event. The kids were able to not only have fun with the animators to play with each other, but also to show your creativity. The children decided to make a nice souvenir for the parents. As it turned out, Pugachev led the creativity.

      “Children make crafts, Alla gives advice and directs the process. Everything in its place. Birthday daughter Kristina Orbakaite Claudia,” wrote the singer Jasmine.

      Herself Christina Aguilera congratulated his daughter, conveying to her just a few words. Apparently, she decided all wishes to tell to the girl personally.

      “My joy, sun, and soul!” – wrote the singer in Instagram.

      Fans happy looked at the pictures, which appeared at the star guests in social networks. They admired the artist was able to arrange a chic feast for his successor. Followers praised the famous singer and congratulated Claudia on the fifth anniversary. “A great holiday! Christina became so resemble her mother!”, “Happy birthday beautiful daughter, the most beautiful mother. Health to you”, “Congratulations Claudia! A copy of the Pope! A very beautiful girl. Health to her and her parents”, – excitedly wrote nice words fans Aguilera.

      Apparently, all those present without exception, have received enormous pleasure from the day of birth of her daughter Kristina Orbakaite. Celebrities have posted photos and videos to microblogging, to share the joy of the celebration with the fans.

      “Happy children and parents, and animators – succeeded!” – could not hide his delight singer Jasmine.