Christina Aguilera commented on the heroic act of her husband

Кристина Орбакайте прокомментировала геройский поступок мужа
Mikhail Zemtsov has behaved courageously in a difficult situation.

Kristina Orbakaite and Mikhail Zemtsov


Christina Aguilera can be proud of their spouse. Mikhail Zemtsov has ever dared and managed thereby to protect people in danger. According to media reports, during the flight aboard the plane, EN route flight Moscow—Paris, an unidentified man staged a real uproar. He was acting aggressively towards the flight attendants tried to calm down. Was scared like the rest of the passengers and crew members.

Could all end in the best way, if Michael with his friend flying the same flight, not twisted raging neighbor. When the plane landed, rowdy was done by the police. Aguilera was under the impression heroic act of her husband, wrote in his microblog: “My husband is protecting flight attendants overpowered the rowdy on the plane. Mike well done!” Christina fans supported her and unanimously appropriated Zemtsov title of “real man”!

Incidentally, Aguilera herself at that moment was far from her husband. Now the singer in the midst of a tour of Russian cities.