Christian Stewart shaved, as prisoner

Кристиан Стюарт побрилась, как заключенный The actress appeared in public with three-day stubble on his head. In a new role, Stewart came to the premiere of the film “Personal shopper”. The causes of drastic change of image of the star is not yet known.

      26-year-old Hollywood star Christian Stewart shocked the public by appearing in a completely unexpected way. The actress shaved the head completely. Not quite like a true prisoner, the actress came to the premiere of the film “Personal shopper” with a three-day stubble on his head. Stylists immediately noted is the new rage. Kristan also got to the point, repainted the hair (or what little is left of them) in a bright blond color. Now Hollywood divas are almost impossible to see that nice girl from “Twilight” so fond of a few years ago for a Russian audience.

      She tells Christian that was the reason for such global changes. Perhaps soon, the actress will announce a new proposal for a new film role in dataroom and pushed her to such rapid changes in their own appearance. American journalists have suggested that the girl is preparing for other important changes in life, not related to professional activity or is going to “reach new heights”. Indeed, in an interview with the star of “Twilight” repeatedly admitted that he considers himself a real extreme, and the “she’s scarier, the better her results.”

      Hollywood Actresses often resort to nestandartnym change in his style for certain roles in movies. For example, in 1997, demi Moore became a completely bald to play a woman-Sergeant in “Soldier Jane”. Charlize Theron broke up with that blonde hair during the filming of the movie “Mad Max.” In 2002, a bold step actress cate Blanchett. She cut her hair short for filming in the movie “Ray”.