Christian Kostov: “I am forbidden to go outside”

Кристиан Костов: «Мне запрещено выходить на улицу» The young musician spoke about his plans and how his life changed after his speech at the “Eurovision”. 17-year-old Christian Kostov admitted to “StarHit” why no hurry to build serious relationships with girls.

Finalist show “Voice.“Children, 17-year-old Christian Kostov, a week ago spoke at “Eurovision”, where he represented Bulgaria. The artist was the youngest participant of the Eurovision song contest this year and was second in the voting, losing first place to the artist from Portugal.

Despite the long preparations for the prestigious music contest and high voltage, with Christian it was not possible to fully relax. We met him at the third annual festival of young greatest hits “may day live”, organized by the TV channel “Music First”. At the event, the young singer performed his own compositions, including the hit that conquered Europe – a Beautiful Mess.

“I think this year our song was the best. That is, it is no longer about my performance, and if you look just for the song. I hope that someday I can achieve such a musical level, says Christian of the past “Eurovision”. I got great emotions and memories of the Eurovision song contest, which will remain with me for life. Why I don’t want to go back a second time, as Dima Bilan, because it is difficult to choose the song. But we are already working on new material, so about the “Euro” a little rusty”.

Despite the fact that Kostov was preparing for “Eurovision” not one month, after the competition, he continued to work at a furious pace. The young man recalls that after the speeches and press conferences he was able to sleep only an hour – he then went to Bulgaria. At the airport he was waiting for thousands of fans who wanted to greet the artist in person. Christian admitted that due to hit him popularity, he is forced to slightly change your usual rhythm of life.

“I contract it goes out to appear in public, because I know a – all stop. I can’t even go to the store! I was provided a personal driver and helpers just to live a normal life,” admits the artist.

Despite the fact that for many people, this attention and hype around his own person would be a burden, the Christian confesses that refers to this fine. “I do not hard. I was originally preparing for this – we knew that the day will come when there will be nothing personal because I did this “signed” – says the young actor. And nobody says that being a pop musician is easy. No time at all – we usually sleep for two hours. Now I need to recover, no force, because these two months were just exhausting. That’s why the last two days I sleep for 15 hours”.

The Christian recognizes that the parents for him – the most reliable support. He knows that at any time when it needs it, they can come to the rescue. Kostov said that since childhood, mom and dad approved of his undertakings and always listened to his desires. He is grateful to relatives, whose support he feels constantly.

The artist also glad that his work resonates in the hearts of millions of listeners around the world. Despite the fact that now the number of subscribers microblog Kristan exceeded two hundred thousand, at every opportunity he tries to pay attention to each fan and respond to their messages. The young man admits that bathes in the attention of girls, but in no hurry to tie serious relationship.

“Sorry, I’m a terrible young man, to be honest. I’ve never been there, I never support, always do. I’m really very ashamed. With my ex-girlfriend we because of this and broke up, because I’m just stupid! I was not there when she needed me, honestly, very sorry. And just yesterday, she forgave me, met him on the street waiting for me two hours and I was interviewed and just forgot! I understand that this is not normal and incorrect, so, girls, forgive me,” said the artist.

Now the 17-year-old musician the priority is not personal life, and career and study. Despite the fact that the young man enjoys performing songs written by the professionals in the future he plans to create a composition. Christian is of the opinion that an artist should have in their repertoire their own works.

“I enrolled in the University of Berkeley in Boston. This is one of the most prestigious educational institutions, and in my view the best. Year of study there is 60 thousand dollars, but they gave me a scholarship. However, for the sake of his audience, I have decided to postpone the study until 2018. Now I’m working on a few songs, we write an album which will include songs not only in English but also in Russian”, – shared his plans for the musician.