Christian bale will become Vice President of the United States

Кристиан Бэйл станет вице-президентом США

The best performer of the role of Batman Christian bale is looking for a new job.

At the moment, the actor is thinking whether to accept the proposal for the filming of the movie, where the main discussion focuses on the famous wild American politics Cheyne – Republican who worked in the administrations of four U.S. presidents. In the Cabinet of George H. W. Bush, he served as defense Minister, and his son George W. Bush was the Vice President and, according to many, had a much greater impact on what is happening in the country than the President.

The film assumes biographical. For its creation will take Director Adam McKay (“shorting”). By the way, McKay has already had the opportunity to work with Bailey and apparently was satisfied. The production function itself takes on will Ferrell. Given the genre which usually prefers Ferrell, a biopic about the Chain is likely to be comedic, dramatic weeks.

Date of start of production of the film has not yet been determined.