Кристиан Бейл поделился как жена воспринимает его изменения ради ролей

Кристиан Бейл поделился как жена воспринимает его изменения ради ролей

45-year-old American actor Christian bale always very clever in adapting to any role, and most importantly, it is not easy to make any modification in their appearance for the sake of another character. In a recent interview, the actor told how his wife, 49-year-old Sandra Blazic refers to constant transformations. It turned out that very positive, she always finds out about the hero, and sometimes falls even in the characters of her husband.

Christian admitted that so bravely to get used to the role, as it did before, it will be no more. The reason for that are his children. He worries that they will like and their mother to fall in love with characters and then miss them. Sandra often admitted that when they finished filming of a movie, she was very upset and asked for bail to return at least for a bit of the last character.

Of course Sandra there are the favorite hero for all time while they Bale married. This character is Trevol Reznik from the painting “the Driver”. To the maximum extent possible to play the role of Christian had to be very fast to lose weight 30 kg, and he’s a whole month almost no sleep. The thing is that his character in the script was sick and didn’t sleep for over a year. Trevol tried to find a balance between dream and reality. Bale tried to understand your character and it came out fantastic.

Christian says that in the period leading up to the shooting, he completely relied on his wife. She told him what to do. He slept for 2 hours, and then went to read the book in a stationary state. In this period of life bale felt the most calm and melancholy man in the world, he was not annoyed or depressed. It and liked Sandra. However, the actor admits that he knows his wife very well, so if he stayed in this state forever, she would become very bored with him.

The celebrity also told that the most difficult thing for him to reincarnation. It turns out from the role when filming has already been completed is not so simple for him. To return to normal life is very difficult and each time the sensations seem an eternity before the actor becomes himself.

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