Christian bale gained weight and transformed beyond recognition

Кристиан Бейл набрал вес и перевоплотился до неузнаваемости

Actor Christian bale, known for his love for movies, again, has changed beyond recognition. This time bale gained weight and appeared before paparazzi without hair. Bale continues to gain weight, so you will become the hero of the new film.

Кристиан Бейл набрал вес и перевоплотился до неузнаваемости

This time the 43-year-old actor has changed beyond recognition for the role of Vice-President dick Cheney, a biopic which takes Adam McCain. Sources say that for this role, bale refused to shoot the film about the Italian designer-race car driver Enzo Ferrari. To abandon the role was necessary because of the need to gain enough weight. The name of the future picture is still unknown, as well as the date of withdrawal. For the role the actor also had to lighten my dark eyebrows that really caught the eyes of fans.

As reported by the actor himself for the publication Variety, he eats a lot of pies to gain so much weight. “Stout is easy — I just eat lots of pies. I had to recover on 20 kilogrammov for the role of former Vice President dick Cheney,” said bale.

Christian bale has become known for his, at first glance, unrealistic transformations. In 2000, the actor was given the task 0 will be a man with the perfect looks and body type for one and a half years for her role in the film “American psycho”. He coped with the task and appeared before the eyes in perfect shape. This was accomplished through strict diet and daily workouts in the gym. Bale did a great transformation in his character and the film became a cult classic.

Three years later, the screens out the film “the Machinist”, where the actor simply does not know. He was supposed to play a crazed driver, who never sleeps and does not eat at all. This can be seen in his body, which is skinny, with perfect weight of 55 kilos, which is quite normal for growth of an actor is 1 meter 83 cm. Three years bale got rid of 30 pounds.

After a short time, it became known that this is not the end of the reincarnation of the star. Began shooting “Batman begins,” where Christian had to gain 45 pounds, and again earn inflated body. He again had back-breaking work in the gym to regain form.

In 2010 Christian played the drug addict, former boxer in the film “the Fighter”. For an extremely short time the actor changed his physique considerably slimming and gaining weight again.