Крисси Тейген показала растяжки на бедрах

A photo of dubious beauty appeared on the page of the supermodels in the social network.

No one is perfect! The model did not hesitate to put Snapchat the photo and bodily changes that women don’t usually brag. And even to joke about this in the caption: “haha, I’m on my feet appeared the streams!”

This is not the first time the 30-year-old Chrissy, who gave birth, by the way, not so long ago, her firstborn son, demonstrates followers in social networks your bodily disadvantages. In her Instagram a year ago published a photo and bruises on his legs. “The bruises from the meeting with the door of a kitchen table are not for a week, stretch marks tell them: “hi!””, – signed the model.

Chrissy married singer John legend in 2013, in April this year, the couple had a daughter called Luna.

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