Крисси Тейген откровенно рассказала о пластике

Plastic surgery in Hollywood it is difficult to surprise anyone. On the contrary – you need to work hard to find the star, the face or body is not touched by the surgeon’s knife or at least a beautician and his needle from “injections of beauty”.
The other day Frank admission about his appearance made Chrissy Teigen. Model and wife of Oscar-winning musician John legend said that it fully redistributed.

Chrissy said “her whole appearance is the merit of specialists, with the exception of cheeks.”
Fans of the model, after hearing her confession, not just to believe in the truthfulness of her words. Many thought that really such a deafening response Chrissy just went from uncomfortable questions regarding her appearance that was asked during a press lunch brand of cosmetics BeccaCosmetics.
How do you think, it really looks Chrissy – merit surgeons? (we think unlikely).