Крисси Тейген боится впасть в послеродовую депрессию

Wife of John legend Chrissy Teigen bears a second child and will soon face the most terrible delivery. The model spoke at Create & Cultivate where he answered journalists ‘ questions. She admitted that he is afraid again to fall into postpartum depression.

Крисси Тейген боится впасть в послеродовую депрессию

“I’m worried about it, but I know that when that happens, I’ll be ready. When the Moon appeared, I realized that I have a wonderful husband, a fabulous life and all the necessary resources. But I was still unhappy. I didn’t see this as a problem. I thought it was supposed to be after the birth of a child: you lose endorphins, so you feel sad.” says Teigen.

Chrissy added that she was near a person who listened to her problems and supported the model. However, now the situation has changed in the environment Teigen there are many people who are willing to discuss the problems of girls.

Early model reported that they had frozen an embryo a male. Putting a photo from the ceremony Grammy, Chrissy confirmed the sex of their second child. “Me and my boys” signed photo Teigen.

Second child the couple planned for a long time, repeatedly talking about it in an interview. In early 2017, she appeared for the cover of American InStyle, admitted: the pair have been preparing for this. A few years ago, Chrissy froze the embryos for subsequent IVF treatment, and when their first daughter Luna was 1.5 years, she and John realized that the moment had come.

John legend and Chrissy Teigen met in 2007 on the set of the music video musician Stereo. Their romance was not rapid: each took several years to understand that they want to link their lives with each other. In 2011, John did Chrissie proposal, and in 2013 they got married on lake Como in Italy. The path to becoming parents was difficult for the couple: according to Chrissy, she and John had attempted to conceive before we got married.

“John had a problem. Our first child would be born five or six years ago, if not for that…” — spoke about their attempts to get pregnant Chrissy on the show Tyra banks. She admitted that she and John long was examined by doctors and even thought to adopt a baby, but with IVF — in vitro fertilization — a couple managed to conceive a child.

In April 2016, the Oscar-winning singer John legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen first child was born – a daughter that happy parents named the Moon Simon Stevens.

The pair did not hide the fact that the baby was conceived through IVF. Thanks to the moon johnny and Chrissy become full-fledged family that soon they plan to expand.