Крис Рок изменял жене с другой знаменитостью

Once about the love Affairs of a Chris Rock movie. The famous actor, who last year divorced his wife after 18 years of marriage, has revealed to Rolling Stone that by the end of the marital relationship he cheated on his wife with another celebrity.

“When you get divorced, in your head there is something like a reboot. Not that something in you is broken, but it is quite possible to describe and so”
In February Chris for the first time in nine years, went on tour, as he called it his “ride for child support”.
“I asked myself, if I’m angry at the past year, and I confess that it was not the cool sick, but I didn’t die and got an important experience,” said 52-year-old Rock. Chris admitted that he cheated on his ex-wife with three women, one of whom was a famous celebrity.
“I was a real piece of d-mA. It’s wrong, and I understand that no one deserves such a relationship. If your spouse truly loves you, cheating just break it,” Chris said and promised nothing more to say about his ex-wife. But his current passion Megalin Echikunwoke Chris happily told reporters.
“I’m Dating a girl now, she’s so original, and it’s a miracle,” said Chris.
Rock is going to focus on my career and spiritual growth.
“I want to find peace and quiet. Usually people find peace in difficult times. Why should it be so? Why can’t I find God, not in grief? I want to achieve peace, while on his deathbed” — speculated Chris. Who was the famous mistress of the Rock, he never confessed. Philosopher-lover.