Крис Пратт объяснил, зачем носит маску Дженнифер Лоуренс

Hollywood actor presented in the capital of the movie “Passengers”. His costar Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t there so he could talk about her all he thinks…

Moscow was visited by the actor of the movie “Jurassic World” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” Chris Pratt. He presented a picture of “Passengers”, which is released in Russian cinemas on December 22. In the story, his character and heroine of Lawrence are on Board the spacecraft, together with five thousand passengers, immersed in artificial sleep before landing on another planet that will become their home. Because of a system failure, these two Wake up and discover that to reach the destination to fly another 90 years. Then the rocket gets into trouble, and now the fate of the sleeping passengers in their hands. And then there’s love…

Jennifer herself to Moscow has not arrived. But Chris took her mask and was photographed in it on the plane on the way to Russia, which he hastened to report to Instagram. By the way, his joint selfie with Lawrence became the subject of intense discussion. The fact that all the actor cuts her face Lawrence. Of course, the press konferencii journalists asked why he does it.

“Yes, I cut Jennifer from your pictures. Why? Well, that’s funny – said Chris. – I open my Twitter, Instagram and see messages from her fans who ask to take pictures with her. And I was like thinking: “Oh No!” It’s funny because it has no pages in social networks, and she has no idea what’s going on. She’ll kill me if he finds out!”

On this day, Chris and Jennifer from the very beginning was involved in the humor.

“Before we met, I felt like I already know her. I was waiting for that she’s cool, funny. And it was true. She is very funny, and we couldn’t stop laughing – said Pratt. – There was a funny story. We sat on the chairs, no one else nearby wasn’t next to us was a round lamp, and one of them exploded. Jennifer screamed, as shout young lady in a high voice, and then turned to me and said, “God, Chris, I can’t believe you can scream!” All then thought that it really was me.”

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By the way, the Russian capital, the Hollywood actor visited for the first time and was very impressed.

“I never was in Moscow, I live in California, snow we have, so I was happy to come here and breathe in the frosty air, he said. I was on red square, took photos, there beautiful.”

In addition, the actor visited the monument “Conquerors of space” at ENEA, where he made a selfie with fans who won a raffle hosted by the company-the distributor of the film, Sony Pictures Releasing.

And at the press conference, Chris gave a tube of this space food – cottage cheese with Apple. Turning it in his hands, the actor promised that I would try the miracle meal in the plane on the way to the next city.