Крис Пайн и Аннабелль Уоллис встречаются

A two-year break (as seen in the media) the stars of “star trek” Chris pine is over! In March of this year appeared the information that the actor is not indifferent to the star of the Tudors Annabelle Wallis. Now the information is confirmed, because the paparazzi managed to obtain irrefutable evidence! They photographed the stars in the Central streets of London, where they walked, holding his hand.

Now fans have been eagerly waiting for the appearance of the actor in the movie “Wonder woman 2”. Pine is located in the UK, where actively shooting. Work will soon begin on the Thriller and James Marsh, “Old knives”. Wallace recently presented a picture of “You drive!”, the main role in which was played by Jeremy Renner and Jon Hamm. Next year the actress will be released Thriller with elements of science fiction, “the Last level”. Her partners have become famous actors Mel Gibson and Naomi watts.

For the first time about the relationship of the couple talking, when paparazzi captured them at the airport in London. As reported by the insider, they were together in Hawaii for a few days. However, upon arrival in the capital of great Britain the stars kept very restrained. They were at a distance from each other that did not give reason to think about their romantic relationship. It is obvious that pine and Wallis are not yet ready to publicize their relationship. That the pair really are vacationing in Hawaii shows the picture in instagram the girl.

Recall that perhaps the most famous novel of Wallis was her relationship with Chris Martin. Which to pine, he met many stars, including Olivia Munn, Zoe Saldana, Zoe Kravitz, and others.