Крис Мартин ревнует свою девушку к Тому Крузу

Annabelle Wallis beloved Chris Martin, who is also the former husband of Gwyneth Paltrow, has received yet another star admirer, and sources claim that the musician has every reason to worry about their relationship.

Annabelle is now busy filming a remake of “the Mummy”, where her partner in the film was Tom cruise. Sources claim that along with Cruz and Wallis spends a lot of time both on the set and beyond.
“When Anna and Tom are in the same room, it gets hot, it is very angry Chris.
They have amazing chemistry, and it will make the movie successful. Almost every scene is filled with romantic element, and the couple in them looks great,” — said the source.
Another source close to Cruz also said that Tom wants to get hold of Annabelle as a sweetheart, so Martin will have to put a lot of effort to free his girlfriend from under the spell of the chief Scientologist in Hollywood.
“Tom would never take a young girl, being in a relationship, but if Chris and Annabelle will come a time of dispute or they will break up, he will not lose” — said the insider.

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