Chris kelmi was in intensive care in serious condition

Крис Кельми оказался в реанимации в тяжелом состоянии The artist went to the hospital. Brother of musician Eugene confirmed that his relative is in the hospital, but no other information he has not yet. According to some, kelmi was taken to the clinic with acute pain.

      61-year-old singer Chris kelmi was in intensive care one of the capital’s medical institutions. His brother, Eugene Suslin confirmed about the hospitalization. According to the man, before the musician had not experienced serious health problems. “It happened suddenly,” – said a relative of the artist.

      According to some, kelmi was taken to the hospital with complaints of acute pain. So far, no detailed information about his diagnosis was not reported. Likely be put in intensive therapy. As reported by a number of publications, as Chris heavy.

      Previously Kelme have already experienced health problems because of alcohol abuse, however, as acknowledged by the composer this summer, he stopped drinking alcohol. “After a five-month rehabilitation course after a few experienced strokes, thank God, restored to health. The bottle is not touching,” said Chris “StarHit”.

      Due to bad habits in the family of the artist also had a serious disorder. Spouse Chris Lyudmila wanted to divorce him, so tired of his behavior. However, the fall the couple managed to find points of contact and revive the relationship. According to Eugene ,his brother is very patient wife.

      “At the peak of success in the 1990s with his brother, like any star, had a lot of fans, ready for anything. And he used it. At first, his wife Lucy didn’t pay attention to rumors, but then on all sides began to hear – say, Kelme any place. Cried, rolled scandals, but did not go away – forgive the husband,” recalled Suslin.

      Recall that in 2015 kelmi repeatedly became the hero of the Chronicles of accidents. He was caught driving under the influence. In January 2016, the world court of the Moscow district of Khamovniki deprived the musician of a driver’s license for two years and fined 300 thousand rubles.

      The Russian public Chris is remembered for his participation in the bands “Leap summer”, “Autograph”, “Rock-Atelier”, “Sadko”. Kelmi wrote such hits as “Night rendezvous”, “the Weary taxi”, “Closing the circle”, “Listen to the night”, “Lady Blues” and others.