Chris kelmi was attacked by religious fanatics

На Криса Кельми напали религиозные фанатики At the end of last year, performer of the hit “Night rendezvous” returned from Thailand where he was treated for alcohol dependence. Now, says Chris kelmi, addiction gone. The actor also spoke about the unpleasant incident that happened to him abroad.

Some time ago, the 62-year-old Chris kelmi returned from Thailand, where he successfully recovered from alcohol addiction. Singer of the hit “Night rendezvous” met New year together with the closest people – his wife Lyudmila and son Christian. More recently, the couple were going to divorce, but kelmi was able to establish a relationship with the beloved.

According to Kelme, he “completely ceased communication with alcohol.” The day after the new year, the musician has allowed himself only one glass of champagne. Now the artist is trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle and going to the gym, where it swims about two miles a day. Additionally, Chris spends time in tennis.

“The doctors say that with my health everything is perfect, my legs are sore. Now there without difficulty. Yes, for two years I was drinking, I must admit. And now I was done with it, it’s an inspiration” – told the singer told reporters.

To end addiction, it took time. The stay in the rehabilitation center along with Dana Borisova and Eugene is clearly a Wasp went kelmi good. During the conversation with reporters, Chris talked about one unpleasant event that he continues to remember with horror. When the musician was in another country, he was attacked.

“Once I ran into the Buddhist religious fanatics, they had security in the hospital. My chamber was on the first floor. I went swimming in the pool and when out of the water, they took me by the hand, laid it on the asphalt and started beating him. Then she cuffed to the bed. And it all happened because they realized that I am an Orthodox,” says the artist.

Paralyzed kelmi appealed to local residents who were nearby, but they ignored his requests. After some time, the artist still released and transferred to another room with appliances. Chris also said that the attackers, who attacked him, stole his favorite swimming shorts, Slippers and tennis gear.

In the future, Chris kelmi is going back to Thailand together with his wife. But another patient star rehabilitation center, according to the actor, things didn’t go so well. The musician said that his peers Evgeny Osin again consume alcohol. “He continues to live in the same way as before. This is reliable information” – shared with Kelme

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