Крис Кельми снова летит на реабилитацию в Таиланд At the beginning of the year, the musician returned to Moscow, having finished the course at an addiction clinic in Samui. There he 72 days tried to get rid of alcohol addiction.
Крис Кельми снова летит на реабилитацию в Таиланд

In recognition of kelmi, on Koh Samui, the doctors helped him overcome his love for strong drinks. Recently, however, the 62-year-old actor felt the addiction coming back. And sounded the alarm.

“I was offered again to go for treatment in Thailand, says “StarHit” Chris. I haven’t decided yet which Department will appeal, but I need to get there by the end of March. Hope to see Dana Borisov. Glad she is doing well with his health. I feel like a bull!”

About their plans, the singer did not tell even close relatives. The fact that he rarely calls up his ex-wife Lyudmila. In addition, for a long time and the musician’s son was upset with dad for his immoral life. But the 29-year-old Christian found the strength to forgive the prodigal father.

Крис Кельми снова летит на реабилитацию в Таиланд“Son communicate regularly by telephone, says the musician. – Of course, I would personally often see, but rejoice and a small thaw in relations. I try no offense to anyone not hold. Even forgave her friend who stole from me 100 thousand rubles. Not going to dragged through the courts”.

In order not to worsen the condition and not to provoke themselves, the singer spends all his free time at home.

“I love to breathe fresh air, but rarely go out on the street – continues to kelmi. – When not in the mood, compose music. I hope April will be released my new album”.