Chris kelmi accuses his beloved in the assassination

Криc Кельми обвиняет свою возлюбленную в покушении

In late August, the musician Chris kelmi the assassination occurred. The attackers poisoned the star, because of what he was in the hospital with severe symptoms and left without a 100 thousand rubles. First, Chris accused the builders, who at the time was engaged in building his house, but in the “You wouldn’t believe” the musician has presented other information. Star 90s accuses his beloved Pauline.

Криc Кельми обвиняет свою возлюбленную в покушении

Met a musician with a girl in a very unusual place — in a strip club. Soon they began a serious relationship and a couple has lived together for three years. Chris did not expect such act from his beloved. The girl was always very close to him, so could pour potent substances.

“She is now hiding. She’s a con artist, murderer. Well, that was my gardener, he quickly called an ambulance. Another 15 minutes delay and I would not be saved. Pauline slipped in my food something strong that I fell asleep, the heart would simply stop,” says the musician.

Криc Кельми обвиняет свою возлюбленную в покушении

The attackers who staged an assassination attempt, took kelmi 100 thousand rubles. With the boxes gone of the flash, which kept recording songs. But the musician is not so worried about the money, as for their own health. Now he had difficulty walking and feeling.

The musician does not believe that the girl was able to crank sluchivsheesya. He believes that it could exert pressure. The stars have been stealing the money and one of the incidents happened immediately after the new year. “Yes, I have a couple of times he lost the money, once it happened right after the New year. I thought at her. You know, Pauline was twice married, both her husband was in prison,” says kelmi.

The actor said that he would not bring the matter to the police. He believes he can’t win in court. Fans believe that he still have feelings for the girl, causing one of her regrets. “Yes, I know who I hurt, admits Chris. But complaining is pointless! Even if you take this to court, in the courtroom, the accused say, “I didn’t take anything, I have witnesses, and the owner was drunk!” And they believe him. I think let God be the judge!”

Familiar with Pauline and brother kelmi Eugene. Nothing strange in the behavior of girls he did not notice, and even considered it decent. “A very nice girl. She cared about him, he was always there,” admits guy.

Fans of Chris kelmi support musician, because this whole situation has affected his health.