Chris Hemsworth commented on the rumors about his bad character Charlize Theron

Крис Хемсворт прокомментировал слухи о скверном характере Шарлиз Терон

A statement Charlize Theron that on the set of “Mad max” she found a common language with Tom hardy played by actress cruel joke.

In the media rumors that the owner of “Oscar” probably demonstrates his bad character, because to work with any partner, though prestigious, but incredibly difficult.

Tom hardy in this case, was called a brave man who first dared to talk about it. In the end, not accidentally, after filming hardy even gave her his portrait with the caption: “You’re my bad dream, but you’re fucking awesome. I’ll be in some extent to miss you. With love, Tommy.”

But the journalists decided to go ahead and collect the General opinion of former colleagues Theron on film. So, the media drew with questions about the character of the actress to Chris Hemsworth, with whom she starred in “snow white and the huntsman”.

But unlike hardy, Hemsworth called Charlize a great companion, than dispelled the rumors and malicious nature of the actress: “I was very lucky to work with her. It is incredible! She knows better than any of those with whom I have worked, instantly start to work and to stay in character. Charlize — your guy may even swear clicking any worse of a truck driver!”

Now the question arises about the nature of the hurt Tom hardy? Not stellar if the disease struck the actor?

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