Chris Hemsworth almost died while climbing in the mountains

Крис Хемсворт едва не погиб во время восхождения в горы

Australia’s Chris Hemsworth, who with great success, storming Hollywood, spoke about about the incident, which if unresolved, could deprive us of the opportunity to admire the actor on the screen.

In an interview with TV host Jimmy Kimmela 32-year-old athlete spoke about the journey on which he ventured with his wife Elsa Pataki.

The pair went to Asia to conquer the Himalayas. After taking a course and prepare for the fact that climbing is not an easy task, Chris and Elsa went.

“Elsa shot show about travelling, I was her “plus one.“ We climbed higher and higher, did you stop to acclimatize, to get used to the lack of oxygen. When we were at the height of 4000 meters above sea level, and the temperature reached minus 30, I suddenly began to lose her mind. All was fine, but I couldn’t cope…

My body began to move was irrational and overly sensitive, I felt hard to breathe. My wife noticed it and called for help. The guards ran up, all I remember is their opinion, which read: “let’s get him off the mountain“. They began to give me injections to stop the oxygen deprivation. Obviously, even a little bit, and it would be “bye, Chris!“. We wouldn’t be sitting here now“, said Hemsworth.


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