Chris brown showed the daughter of Royalty, dancing to the song of Rihanna

Крис Браун показал дочь Роялти, танцующую под песню Рианны

Love for Rihanna in her blood. The daughter of famous musician Chris brown, known for his scandalous affair with the Barbados singer, also loves the music of the latter. In the video, published, and after the remote from the page of Chris (now it can only be found on Twitter, fans of brown), his daughter , Royalty, which is not yet two years old in a leotard dancing to the new hit of Rihanna. It was accompanied by one of the characters is known, Muppet show” Elmo.

“Elmo very well chosen song. Not suggesting anything, but where is the music Chris brown?” the musician wrote below the video and soon removed it (I suspect due to it is sprinkled with unflattering comments).

Recall that a whirlwind romance of Rihanna and brown began in 2008, but after he beat her half to death on the eve of the awards ceremony Grammy, broke up. The pair reconciled in 2013, and it was a shock for fans of Ri-Ri. Then their romance lasted barely more than three months.
In November 2015, in an interview with one of the editions of the Barbados singer said: “I don’t hate him and I will take care of him until his death. We’re not friends, but not enemies. Now we have no relations.
I always defended him. I felt that people don’t understand him even when he is not.. But you know how it is – sometimes, supporting the person, we become an enemy to him. You want to be better off or remind you about the unpleasant moments in his life.It’s too hard for some people..”
The daughter of Royalty born from the model of the NII Guzman, and her birth was the bold exclamation point on the relationship of Chris and model Carrace Tran, who did not want “to live in this drama. Niya believed that will now be able to live comfortably at the expense of the father of her child, but brown was able not only to officially attest to his paternity in court, but also to achieve a fixed amount of maintenance significantly below that which was claimed the mother of his daughter.
In your child Chris doted and even his album was named in her honor. On his page in the social network it often to share photos and videos with Royalty, and believes that he brings up the future artist.

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