Крис Браун посмеялся над чувствами Дрейка к Рианне

Ex-boyfriend of Rihanna Chris brown laughed at the feelings of the Drake. Recall that this weekend at Madison Square Garden in new York, the contractor handed Rihanna the award on the MTV Video Music Awards, simultaneously confessing that he loves her for 22 years. An ex-boyfriend Barbados singer Chris brown is not pleased, and he decided to speak on this subject.

Крис Браун посмеялся над чувствами Дрейка к Рианне
“Drake tries to make things right, but he did not succeed, he is a loser, because with Rihanna it not to be,” said Chris. I must say that his words are something to eat: Drake is too good for the singer with a fondness for the bad guys.

The same Chris in his time regularly to hit Rihanna, and even after all that happened between them, he holds in her heart a special place. Drake supported the singer, while brown was serving a sentence for the offense. For a long time he was her friend and their relationship several times passed in a romantic, but somehow the sparks they do not have to stay together forever.

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