Chris brown got a tattoo daughter

Крис Браун сделал татуировку дочери

Daughter in the life of musician Chris brown appeared completely random. 10 months after her birth, her mother told the singer that he became a father.

Since then, Chris ‘ life turned on its head, however, in a positive way. Brown showed himself completely on the other side. It turned out that he can be caring and kind to those who are madly in love. This is especially significant after a history of beating Rihanna.

About the previous relationship of the singer will not remember and concentrate on the present. Recently loving father immortalized the face of his daughter on his body.

Left shoulder blade Chris stuffed a large tattoo of a little girl face Royalty. New picture brown immediately showed his followers who reacted positively to this idea and noted that the girl’s tattoo is really similar to true Royalty.

We will remind, recently the mother of the baby filed for the star father to court with the requirement to increase the amount of monthly payments. In addition Nia Guzman said that Chris was a bad influence on his daughter, and his lifestyle (alcohol and Smoking) is injurious to her health. The court found that it is actually not as critical as it paints the mother left and the right for brown to raise a daughter for two weeks in a month.

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