Избранника беременной племянницы Юрия Лозы загрызли собаки Now in the Moscow region there was an attack on the flock of stray animals on bystanders. The lost boy tried to protect the girl, who is now in the hospital from aggressive dogs. As it turned out, the young man was a beloved cousin Yuri Loza.
Избранника беременной племянницы Юрия Лозы загрызли собаки

Last weekend in Istra district of Moscow region there was a terrible tragedy. Stray dogs attacked a 24-year-old Christine and 18-year-old Oleg. The young man was fatally injured and another victim miraculously survived. At the moment she is in the hospital, doctors assess the condition of the injured as heavy.

According to journalists, the guy tried to save the girl with his life. Singer and composer Yuri Loza reported in social networks that the deceased young man – a lover of his niece. A relative of the actor is expecting a child. Close to support her in this difficult period. Speaking about the incident, Loza admitted that he considers the act of heroic men.

“I’m in shock. When such a horror happening somewhere in the wilderness, seeking justification in the environment and the impossibility of control, but when you know that it happened in the Istra district, just refuse to believe what happened. However, they would have to believe, because to have the bold guy is my niece, comfort, which we try with the whole family. He made a heroic act and gave his life for the sake of a complete stranger. God rest his soul,” shared the singer.
Избранника беременной племянницы Юрия Лозы загрызли собаки

Yuri Loza also shared his attitude to homeless animals. “I have always been against the big dogs in those places where they have nothing to do and nothing to eat. Any wolves not in the suburbs, and hence there is no need to have wolfhounds, – said the artist. – However, they again and again are bred and then released into the wild. But dogs in the wild get in packs and very quickly begin to behave like wolves, the descendants of which inherently are”.

The artist expressed the hope that this situation will not happen again. “I want to believe that this wild event will not be launched on the brakes, that someone would be justly punished,” said Vine. The singer stressed that such incidents can happen with everyone.

The circumstances of the tragedy that occurred in the suburbs, investigators establish. By results of check the procedural decision will be made. As the correspondent of the dogs was caught by the special organization. The head of administration of city district of Istra Andrei Dunayev instructed to intensify work on catching of homeless animals. He also asked local residents to send him mail information for taking action.

Beloved friends of the deceased Oleg Anastasia suggest her to stay. “Nobody knows when we say goodbye for the last time”, – she wrote on his page in “Vkontakte”. The wife of Yuri Vines shared that shocked.

“Killed Oleg Sosunov, the husband of our dear niece Anastasia, she is expecting a baby, very sad… I Beg your prayers, he is baptized… God help You! Sad also because very close to Moscow there is… Tears… Anastasia, you and me…” – said Svetlana in social networks.