Chosen one oligarch Vladislav Doronin showed her figure after childbirth

Избранница олигарха Владислава Доронина показала фигуру после родов Beloved billionaire active in sports. In February of this year appeared the information that the businessman Vladislav Doronin and model Kristina Romanova became parents.

      Избранница олигарха Владислава Доронина показала фигуру после родов

      Vladislav Doronin carefully plucks from the prying eyes of their privacy. In February of this year it became known that the famous Russian oligarch had a baby. In the media there is evidence that the beloved 53-year-old billionaire is 22-year-old model Kristina Romanova gave the man an heir.

      The sex of the baby, who was born in a clinic in Miami, the couple will not disclose. However, even the fact of birth of a baby beloved, do not comment, however, did not deny. The insights that the model became a mother, did the fans of the pair, drawing attention to the fact that on new photographs, which publishes Christina on Instagram, she has no stomach.

      If you have previously Romanov tried to hide had not yet recovered after childbirth figure under bulky clothes, but now she proudly shows off its shape. Since the birth occurred just four months, and the girl already boasts the looks of a model. Most likely, while Romanova has suspended professional activity, because the business model involves frequent traveling to different countries, and a young mother now need to focus on feeding and caring for the baby.

      We will remind, about the interesting position new lover Vladislav Doronin became known last summer. The model was published on his page in Instagram selfie, which was visible on her rounded tummy. Given that no excess weight Christine can’t be left to assume only one thing – she is expecting a baby.

      Vladislav Doronin for the second time became a father

      In addition, in August in the Western press there appeared reports that Doronin plans to legalize the relationship with his young girlfriend. The reason for this speculation was a photo posted on the microblog model. During the joint with the oligarch holidays in Ibiza Cristina showed her engagement ring glittering on her ring finger.

      Interestingly, an affair with a mannequin tycoon spun more than two years ago after breaking up with Naomi Campbell. The relationship of the billionaire and the supermodel made a lot of noise. The upper light from different countries discussed this couple that quarreled and then reconciled, not hiding emotions.

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