Choosing the Banquet hall for weddings in Moscow

Выбор банкетного зала для свадьбы в Москве

A mandatory attribute of almost any modern Moscow is considered the wedding feast. To get rid of the hassle associated with arranging food and decoration of the room, you can rent a Banquet hall. To do this, simply contact the professionals from the Banquet service. Specialists will listen to your wishes and help you choose the right option. All will be taken into account: the number of guests, wedding theme, your budget and culinary requests.

This can be a cozy little room, where the newlyweds will congratulate in a small circle of friends or a luxurious ballroom “hall” that can accommodate up to 4 hundred guests. You don’t have to think about how to get home from one end of the capital in another, because the Banquet service is ready to provide you a room in any of the districts, close to the metro station.

For example, near the Krylatskaya stations and River station you can rent rooms with capacity from 30 to 400 people. The design can be classical or currently fashionable “village” style. It is possible to install the tents and to set up the tables in the Apple orchard to enjoy the fresh air. A small restaurant at metro Lubyanka offers uniquely decorated room and summer terrace surrounded by greenery (there can accommodate up to 75 people).

Modern Banquet halls for weddings in Moscow is City Club International (Kievskaya metro station and Exhibition) and the Crazy Mix Club (Bratislava, Maryino, Lyublino). They are suitable for lovers of night clubs and discos. The newlyweds and their guests can have fun on the dance floor, and on the wedding photo, the interior will resemble the deck of an ocean liner or casino.

Diversity and menus. Banquet service staff will be able to recommend you a restaurant with Russian, Caucasian, Japanese, Italian and other cuisines. Will remain deprived and vegetarians and lovers of meat or fish dishes. Proposals will vary depending on your budget, planned for the celebration. For example, in the Caravan or in One of the Banquet Hall Lefort minimum order of only 800 rubles, whereas in the Grange Cafe or Sky Lounge it starts from 5 thousand. There are plenty of intermediate options with an average bill of 1500 to 2000.

Why easier access to the Banquet service? Of course you can look for the hall on their own. But, first, it will require a lot of time. Second, in addition to the rent of premises will have to coordinate menu, table arrangement, decoration and much more. Professionals will free you of these unnecessary trouble. In less than an hour you will learn all that apply, without the burden of travel in Moscow, will choose not only the room but the kitchen and other nuances.