Choosing and buying kitchen from a natural tree

Выбор и покупка кухни из натурального дерева

Kitchen, somedays with a dining room, a multifunctional room in which we spend a lot of time: cook, eat, communicate. Try to arrange it so that she was not only functional and comfortable but also aesthetically attractive. Therefore, the choice of food must be approached very seriously.

Beautiful decor allows you to prepare meals with mood and appetite. Kitchen furniture made of wood expensive breeds appreciated for the naturalness and richness of texture. Furnished in natural wood is the best option for the home.

Выбор и покупка кухни из натурального дерева

Planning kitchen space

It is common today to distinguish functional areas:

• lunchtime;

• working;

• health (includes a sink, a dishwasher, a refuse container);

• area for storage of products.

Designers call the basis for planning the work triangle, the sides of which mentally connect such parts of the work area such as a stove, refrigerator, sink. Between them, the hostess moves the most.

If you are going to buy furniture for your kitchen, keep in mind that experts recommend installing appliances so that the distance between them was approximately equal and did not exceed three meters, and the perimeter does not exceed eight meters. When space is organized, ergonomic, and then to work in the kitchen comfortably.

Built-in furniture in the interior

Today, built-in furniture displaces all other options, as it allows to design the interior, given all of its features:

• geometrical parameter;

• the number of Windows, doors;

• illumination;

• place a supply of water, gas, and house ventilation.

The kitchen is made of wood, designed on an individual order, will make the room unique and harmonious. Here you can buy furniture made from natural solid and take advantage of the services of a designer.

There are several basic principles of arrangement of appliances and furniture:

  • Appliances and furniture should not interfere with each other, and block up the passage.

  • The plate is installed no closer than fifteen centimeters to the window and two feet to the refrigerator.

  • Over the stove there should be a hood, which absorbs and eliminates odours and steam during cooking.

  • The benefits of cuisines from natural wood

    Modern kitchen of natural wood have a lot of advantages. Wood is the most environmentally friendly material, which has a positive energy received from the sun and the earth during the growth. This has a positive effect on our health. The newest technologies of processing allow to keep wood furniture in perfect condition for a long time even in conditions of high humidity and temperature extremes.

    The arrangement of kitchen furniture

    Of options for placement of appliances and items of furniture in the kitchen quite a lot:

  • I-shaped kitchen — furniture and appliances are installed along one wall. If necessary, you can use two opposite walls, leaving the other two free.

  • An L-shaped arrangement — the way in which appliances and furniture are set along two adjacent walls.

  • U-shaped — when used on three walls and the fourth is free.

  • Dining table can be installed near one of the walls and in the center, and at the window. It depends on the size and features of the room, location of Windows and doors.

    Kitchen from a natural tree to order can be collected in any sample. While in the furniture integrates all the necessary household equipment: stove, sink, range hood, refrigerator, dishwasher, and optionally the washing machine.

    The only drawback of wooden kitchen may be the cost. But we’re planning to buy furniture for myself and for my children for years to come. Therefore it is not necessary to save it.