Choosing a floor air conditioning: 5 key parameters

Выбираем напольный кондиционер: 5 ключевых параметров

Normal work, sleep, and even just being in a stuffy room is very difficult. The only way to create a comfortable microclimate in the house all summer is to install air conditioning. A great choice will be air conditioners wall type. What good are these devices and how to choose the right model for you?

Выбираем напольный кондиционер: 5 ключевых параметров

If 5-10 years ago in the market of air conditioners in fact there was no alternative to wall mounted split systems, and today their superiority is not so obvious. Selecting air conditioners for visitors of the popular price aggregator increasingly prefer outdoor models. Compact monoblock units are convenient to use in cases where the installation of traditional wall-hung air conditioner of the impossible or irrational. For example, if you live in a rented apartment, I wish to escape from the summer heat in the country or want to use one device for cooling all rooms.

5 benefits of mobile air conditioners

What better outdoor air conditioners wall mounted split systems?

  • Mobility. You will be able at any moment to deploy the device in the other direction, to move to another room or even to move to the country.
  • No need to perform the installation. Just plug in outdoor (mobile) air conditioning to the network, route the hose outside and he is ready to work. Any fasteners and holes in the wall!
  • Price. The average cost of a floor air-conditioning is much lower than the wall.
  • Effective air circulation. Heated or cooled air can be circulated from the top (aimed diagonally upwards), the lower (parallel to the floor) of the hole or both at once, permeating all areas of the room.
    Design. Stylish units will blend into the interior of your apartment.

Below we list the important parameters that you should look for when choosing a mobile air conditioner.

Power and floor space

Remember a simple rule: for heating or cooling every 10 square meters of housing need 1000 watts of power. In other words, for a room of 22 m2 you should choose the air conditioner with a cooling capacity/heating from 2.2 kW. For faster cooling buy a device with a small power reserve.


Modern floor air conditioners most often are equipped with standard mechanical filters preventing large dust particles and allergens. More expensive models have antibacterial or deodorizing filters based on activated carbon (removes odors).

The noise level

Unfortunately, fan portable air conditioner as the device is indoors (not outside, as in split systems). Therefore, the floor models are more noisy than their wall counterparts. However, the difference in the noise levels of different models of mobile air conditioners can be as much as 10-15 dB, which is very essential. Plus when buying will be there is a night mode where the unit runs as quietly.

Modes of operation

All mobile air conditioners can work in the modes of cooling and ventilation. The heating function is present approximately in every second unit. Additional modes of humidification and dehumidification of air are rare.

Some advanced air conditioning are equipped with an ionizer, saturating the air with negative ions, which beneficially affect the health of people.


The average cost presented to the E-catalog mobile air conditioning system, working only in two basic modes (cooling and ventilation), — from 12 to 16 thousand rubles For the model with the ionizer and three modes (cooling/ventilation/heating) will pay not less than 17 thousand rubles.

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