Выбираем кроссовки на каждый день в каталоге фирменного магазина Street Beat

Modern fashion is no longer to dictate the frame style, presenting everyone the opportunity to fully reveal his identity, combining his clothes touch the past and even collecting in the way of different styles. Often on the street you can see the combination of formal and sporty and the most important thing in the frantic metropolis is all the time, staying in comfort and not expose their health to danger. The choice falls on loafers, flip flops and other lightweight footwear that even in the difficult moments will not fail. As fashion trends are not static, sneakers also saw a comfortable daily shoes that can be used not only for sports but also for walks with friends, trips to the store, and more.
Directory of chain stores Beat Street captures all the trends of street fashion, offering in its range of running shoes for different purposes from which to choose shoes for your daily wearing is not easy. You need to pay attention to some nuances that will help you to choose the best model.

Simplicity rules

Sports involve tension and strain of the foot. To this end, manufacturers of shoes create models that reduce load, that exercise brought only joy. Choosing running shoes for daily wearing, pay attention to the simplest model, which does not use any specific technological solutions.
Running shoes for daily wear should be soft, comfortable and not to cause discomfort when walking. Basically, if there is discomfort, then the buyer chose is not the right size. When buying it is best to try shoes, walk in it and “feel” all the pros cons. The foot should not feel discomfort.

The choice of size

Even the “best” running shoes, according to manufacturers and buyers can turn into a real torture, if not find the right size for your foot. When choosing sneakers, it’s best to jump in them, because the foot increases in size under load. Almost all running shoes should be a little more legs to compensate for the movement of the foot.


Many important and appearance. Sneakers can be an addition to the outfit. When you create shoes, manufacturers put on the fabric of modern and contemporary prints and versatile figures of different colors. Sneakers with prints will help to give the image of individuality and originality, and monotone models are suitable under any outfit. Some running shoes are substantially different from sports:

  • Puma Suede classic;
  • Platform Trace Block Sterling Blue Vanilla Ice;
  • Platform Strap Shantell Martin White.