Chloe Moretz shares clothes with Brooklyn Beckham

Хлоя Морец делит одежду вместе с Бруклином Бекхэмом

18-year-old Brooklyn Beckham and 20-year-old Chloe Moretz attended in new York. They became co-host and tested a new console on the Xbox Live Session. After breaking up, the pair are back together and very happy. Chloe did not restrain his emotions and told reporters about his relationship with Brooklyn.

Хлоя Морец делит одежду вместе с Бруклином Бекхэмом

“We have a lot in common, even the clothes we divide among themselves. Well, I steal things Brooklyn. I think he’s amazing. I share with him the good cosmetic products for the face and wear his jackets,”

“I think we chose each other… like We never been away from each other… I think that’s the most important thing. Life is perceived as an open book. We would like to have your own little private world is important for both of us,” says Moretz.

In addition to the relationship with her boyfriend, the actress shared the opinion of his famous mom, Victoria Beckham. “We’re very, very good thing. I think mother Brooklyn is one of the most incredible smart and talented women entrepreneurs and mothers I have ever met. She is a person with a huge heart and truly a beautiful person,” admitted the young actress and star of the movie “Kick-ass”.

Хлоя Морец делит одежду вместе с Бруклином Бекхэмом

On November 20 at the event was the first time the couple went out together into the light. Most recently, they only hinted at their reunion after a break up. Guys started Dating at a very young age. They met in 2014 when the son of Victoria Beckham was just 15 years old, and his star girl 17. A year relationship they broke up, then the fans had to wonder whether they will meet again. First there was a hint of a reunion and not extinct feelings between the guys. Chloe was left ambiguous comments under the pictures present boyfriend emoticon “Heart”. Soon they kissed in front of cameras at a football match in Dublin (Ireland), where he went in the company of two girls brothers Trevor and Colin. In this case, the girl posted to instagram story, where you managed to get your selfie camera and in the shot of the young man. He lovingly kissed the girl’s cheek, and then, doubts were dispelled by a fan — they were together again.

“My boyfriend is very supportive, — said the actress to the edition — Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need a man to achieve their goals. But when I feel bad when I doubt their abilities, he tells me, “Stop. Remember what you said in an interview. Remember the principles that you stand for. Listen to your own words, because you are inspiring lovely!”