Chloe Moretz responded to the Brooklyn Beckham cheating with a Playboy model

Хлоя Морец отреагировала на измену Бруклина Бекхэма с моделью Playboy

Western media reported that 19-year-old Brooklyn Beckham has a new girlfriend, as demonstrated by the photo, which the young photographer has to kiss 20-year-old canadian model lexi wood. Concerned fans don’t understand what it is and what happened to his girlfriend Chloe Moretz? A concrete answer yet — the girl has not given official comment, but left a cryptic instagram post that prompted the media and fans on some guesses.

Хлоя Морец отреагировала на измену Бруклина Бекхэма с моделью Playboy

In the story of instagram, the actress announced to subscribers that currently listens to the song Be careful of American hip-hop singer Cardi B. it talks about infidelity. The girl turns to his the wrong guy and talks to him about his feelings. “Always said you’d be with me… Treat me gently… I gave you all… you make Me sick… it hurts Me to hate you…” — the words of the song.

To talk about the breakup is not worth it, because the couple does not report about it, and Chloe did not unsubscribe from Brooklyn’s profile in the social network and delete photos in a fit of anger. However, sharing of photos, love to put lovers, it was from the Valentine’s Day.

On the days of the son of David and Victoria Beckham was seen kissing model lexi wood. The couple visited a tattoo parlor in Los Angeles, where Brooklyn had filled his new tattoo. There is Brooklyn and lexi did not hide his tender feelings to each other.

But early Moretz said in an interview for the Australian magazine about lifestyle Stellar about the difficult time after a breakup with a loved one in September 2016. “I will not hide that I was having a really hard year,” say movie star “Neighbors. On the trail of war 2”. “I grew up, being popular, and my breakup was made public. I wanted to hide.”

But despite all the hardships, which had to handle the young star, she was able to survive, but not without the help of his family that supported her all this time. “They are, “what you want to get away from it all just fine — but you can’t do that. You are who you are. You will have to deal with such things.” says Moretz.

The actress’s life changed dramatically when she realized that she could change things on their own.

The relationship of the eldest son of David Beckham and Victoria, Mychem and actress, known for her role in the film “Kick-ass” Chloe grace Moretz began in 2014. They came together and parted, and after one such break the guys are back together. A young photographer officially confessed his love to his fans Chloe that responded positively to the actress.