Chloe Moretz in advance celebrated the birthday

Хлоя Морец заранее отпраздновала день рождения

Saturday, February 10, actress Chloe Moretz will turn 21. Without waiting for a significant date, Chloe decided to throw a party in honor of the holiday in advance. Last weekend a girl invited friends, including her boyfriend Brooklyn Beckham in a restaurant in West Hollywood, where he treated his guests and received congratulations. Among those who came was also spotted actress zoey Deutch.

Хлоя Морец заранее отпраздновала день рождения

“Last night was the best time to celebrate my 21st birthday with the most special and beautiful people,” explains his decision to celebrate the birthday of Chloe early in his instagram put up a picture of where it lies on the lap of her boyfriend.

The culprit of the celebration was replaced by two units, one of which is costume Prada. In each of the images she never once took pictures with the guests. I must say, the eldest son of Victoria Beckham also gave her appearance much attention, and some users of social networks, even thought that Brooklyn overdone. As soon as the picture appeared on the network, under the scope of criticism came the attempt of man to make himself Smokey eyes.

Recall that for the winter holidays, the couple had to leave and went native. As it became known thanks to instagram Victoria Beckham, her son Brooklyn arrived back in London to celebrate the winter holidays with my family. His girlfriend, with whom relations were resumed in September last year also celebrated New year and Christmas with his family in new York. After separation back together. 20-year-old Chloe flew to the United Kingdom to his 18-year-old boyfriend.

Хлоя Морец заранее отпраздновала день рождения
Paparazzi photographed the couple during the farewell kisses from London’s Claridges Hotel, where, apparently, stopped Moretz. After leaving the girl, Brooklyn sat in a black luxury car with a driver and left in an unknown direction.

“I will not hide that I was having a really hard year,” talks about the breakup with Brooklyn movie star “Neighbors. On the trail of war 2”. “I grew up being popular, and my breakup was made public. I wanted to hide.»

But despite all the hardships, which had to handle the young star, she got over it, not without the help of his family that supported her all this time. “They are, “what do you want to stay away from all this just fine — but you can’t do that. You are who you are. You will have to deal with such things.”says Moretz.

The actress’s life changed dramatically when she realized that she could change things on their own.

The relationship of the eldest son of David Beckham and Victoria, Mychem actress, known for her role in the film “Kick-ass” Chloe grace Moretz began in 2014. They came together and parted, and after one such break the guys are back together. A young photographer officially confessed his love to his fans Chloe that responded positively to the actress.