Хлоя Кардашьян разочарована поведением Ламара Одома

TV star Khloe Kardashian tired to fix “the hunchback” of Lamar Odom, especially since its a few months ago hardly has not corrected a grave. Spouse star of the reality show “Life with Kardashian,” which was on the verge of life and death, he did it again.

Yesterday, the basketball player was seen in a bar drinking alcoholic beverages, it is absolutely contraindicated. Images for Lamar who use intoxicating in a moment circled the media.
“I hate this feeling of helplessness..” wrote 31-year-old Chloe, obviously, commenting on the behavior of your spouse.
A little later, Kardashian added: “When something goes wrong, the way you want, it doesn’t mean the Lord has failed you, it means that he has prepared for you something better. When your faith is strong, no matter what, God will do everything to fulfill promised”.
As it became known Chloe demands from Lamar, who had previously suffered from drug and alcohol addiction, so he turned again in rehab city. In a specialized clinic, I’m sure Chloe, it will help to resist the temptation and not get bogged down. But Odom himself strongly against the return to such a school and believes his one-time drinking normal.
Sources close to the woman claim that their latest Lamar the conversation was very heavy, and at the end Chloe said, “the stops to save him.” By the way, none of the surrounding of Odom believes that he can “usually” drink, without opening again the path to alcoholism.

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