Chloe Kardashian froze her eggs

Хлоя Кардашьян заморозила свои яйцеклетки

American TV star Chloe Kardashian, the news about the pregnancy which was not confirmed, decided to freeze her eggs and not worry about the early setting up of the offspring.

Personal Chloe’s life has never been easy, she had no luck with men. Marriage with Lamar Odom ended the sluggish divorce, accompanied by scandals. Children they didn’t have a long time basketball player wanted to be an only child his wife, and the infatuation of illicit drugs and alcohol gave them no chance to procreate.
Now 32-year-old Chloe is Dating 25-year-old Tristan Thompson. But the young man, whose ex-girlfriend Geordie Craig only 12 of December last year gave birth to his son Prince, had not been willing to become a father twice. So I have a Kardashian or change a man and go find a volunteer to reproduce here and now, or to accept and wait in the wings. But during a recent visit to the gynecologist, the doctor hinted to her, that biological clock is ticking, and the opportunity to become a mother may be lost forever. Chloe decided to listen to the expert.
“Chloe is now in the process of egg freezing. She asked Tristan more serious about their relationship and her desire to have a child. Moreover, she is afraid that geordi can return it via the son.
Chloe decided to play it safe and freeze your eggs until the time while Tristan is not ripe for fatherhood” — said the insider.