China will shoot a remake of the TV series “Interns”

В Китае снимут ремейк  сериала «Интерны»

From our TV – your. The TNT channel announced that the Chinese company JSBC has acquired the rights to the TV series “Interns“.

The amount you receive for the successful TNT Russia TV project not been disclosed. Artur Janibekyan, occupying the post of the General Director of group TV-holding “Gazprom-media” reported that the sale of this kind of TV format is calculated for each episode separately. Given the fact that in 13 seasons of “the Internship” was filmed and shown 260 episodes, the sum turns out rather big. In addition to fixed pay TV channel will also receive a percentage of the distribution of the new version of the series on the Internet.
By the way, it already the second sale of the rights to the series. Previously Lithuanian TV channel TV3 has already remade “Interns”, and released it under the name “Rezidentai”. Abroad also took several famous and successful Russian projects, including “Kitchen” and “Daddy’s girls”.
Recall that the channel TNT “Interns” began to emerge in 2010, and the last series was shown in January 2016. This series included the three leaders of the project TNT at the number of views in the Network and exceed 395 million.

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