Children’s a hobby of a lifetime — formed personality

Детское хобби или увлечение всей жизни — формируем личность

Often the child cannot decide on a hobby that he likes. We can not do without competent and timely advice parents! The right combination of passion reveals the talents, gaining confidence, improves self esteem and helps to decide on the path of life.

Детское хобби или увлечение всей жизни — формируем личность

Factors influencing the choice

Interest in something can’t grow in a vacuum. Any preferences of the child lie hidden reasons:

  • Parent hobby. Regardless of gender, all children are sponges, absorbing information from the environment. In a family of musicians, the child will likely also be interested in the music; if the parent is an artist — understand the interest of the child to draw. Kids like to go with his father on a fishing, hunting or just camping. Mom can always teach embroidery, knitting or beading. It is useless if the child spends free time, think about your own Hobbies and don’t be afraid to train the children. They will become Your peers.
  • It’s in the genes. The love of a particular case from an early age lies in the genetic predisposition. Remember how fond of Your parents and grandparents. With high probability, their Hobbies will also be interesting to the child.
  • Unrealized dreams moms and dads. At the ballet school will often encounter fat mother who brought her daughter to the first class. Once dance was her desire. Think, and do You have a secret dream that never managed to bring to life? Why not implement them in your child!
  • The persistence of the parents. Rarely offered hobby carries a child from the first minute. If You are confident in goals — be persistent. Praise and encourage your “little victories”. Over time, children will say thank you for Your choice. But do not go too far — if the kid for a long time, refuses to exercise, and are not interested, put the idea. Perhaps even just not the time.
  • Consider the temperament

    The choice of hobby is significantly influenced by character traits. Mobile choleric will appeal to active sports. Football, volleyball, martial arts, tourism will help to direct the energy in a useful direction.
    Impressionable and dreamy melancholic will find himself in drawing, modeling, applique, embroidery, designing. Best of all — combines creative classes with their parents.

    Inquisitive person interested in collecting, drama, chess, yoga, karting, swimming.

    The hardest thing will sanguine to change their preferences from day to day. Don’t be afraid of change! Over time, the child himself will determine the choice.

    The choice hobby: problems and solutions

    Sometimes the pastime of the child becomes for the parents a real problem. What to do if you encounter the following situation:

    • interested in nothing. Whatever idea You have not offered, the child denies it? Useful are meetings with interesting people, professionals in their field. Let the child make sure that the hobby can become a life-work. Together visit the artist’s Studio, backstage theatre, stadium, Studio, etc.;
    • Hobbies interfere with learning. Often children are so fascinated that they forget to do homework and even to attend classes! Stress to your child the importance of school and that they are inextricably linked with the hobby. For example, the future fashion designer must be familiar with the history and geometry;
    • a hobby does not meet the floor. Inappropriate Hobbies just don’t happen — they do not affect the gender roles. Do not withhold or poke fun if the son was fascinated by beading, and the daughter of football. If fear, expand horizons of their children — most likely, they will encounter other classes that they will entice.

    To develop the intellectual skills and finally decide on a hobby will help computer games. Acquaint children with various types of online games and pay attention to what he liked. Race fit active guys, they increase the response speed, teach driving skills, instill a desire for leadership.

    Diligent boys are fun to play quests in game that develops logical thinking. Good option for future entrepreneurs — simulator business. They introduce a child into the world economy, are introduced to the principles of leadership. A lot of interesting options You’ll find here.